Precision agriculture plays a critical role in agricultural production globally, and more importantly for us here at Cervus Equipment, on your farm. At Cervus, we’re proud to lead the agriculture industry by providing the best precision ag services and solutions. This includes having a team of experts ready to provide exceptional on-farm support through every season and every situation with unique offerings tailored for your operation. Stop by our store and talk to one of our local Precision Ag Specialists to learn what’s new and how Cervus can help your farm.

Precision Ag at Artesian Angus Farms

Watch what happens as Curis Riemer of Artesian Angus Farms integrates precision ag technology into his operations.


Our Precision Ag Specialists are readily available to help you take on the next generation of farming with the John Deere S700 Series Combines.

Precision Support Plan

Included with your John Deere purchase is a Cervus Precision Support Plan (PSP):

  • One-on-one Precision Ag Specialist support
  • JDLink subscription, remote software updates, management and diagnostics
  • Access to Operations Center
  • Cervus agriculture training clinics

Light up your fleet

For a limited time only, take advantage of free JDLink Access and Connect subscriptions.

  • Current John Deere owners receive free JDLink Access subscription for up to three years
  • New John Deere owners receive a free five-year JDLink Access subscription and free one-year Connect upgrade plan.

Log on to

Gain instant remote access to your farm data with John Deere's Operation Center:

  • Collect, analyze and share your machine’s data to keep you up and running
  • Gather field boundaries, yield and moisture, crop and operation history
  • Analyze and monitor your machine performance and job quality
Read more about John Deere's Operation Center. 

Fully Optimize your operations

Take your farm operations to the next level with our Cervus Precision Agriculture Specialists. Our full team of specialists readily available to support you on-farm and guide you through John Deere’s precision ag solutions. Lean on them to help you make the best decision to improve your operation.


See the latest precision agriculture products, including the new John Deere 4640 Universal Display.