Farming goes beyond the topsoil, learn the layers of your operation

Precision agriculture plays a critical role in agricultural production globally, and more importantly for us here at Cervus Equipment, on your farm. The Cervus Precision Ag team is committed to providing you with the knowledge and confidence to utilize your equipment’s technology and features to their fullest potential and use agricultural data to make informed decisions to improve your bottom line.  By offering a variety of products and services from John Deere and other providers, we are can assist you in creating the perfect customized plan for your operation and we will work with you to understand the data your equipment is pulling in.  This includes having a team of experts ready to provide exceptional onfarm support through every season and every situation with unique offerings tailored for your operation. Stop by our store and talk to one of our local Precision Ag Specialists to learn what’s new and how Cervus can help your farm.

The Value of Farm Digitalization

Your field has hundreds of variables and millions of data points to collect information to help you make informed, real-time decisions about your operation. Enter a new season of opportunity with digitalization and data insights with John Deere Precision AG and Connected Support services.

Precision Ag at Artesian Angus Farms

Watch what happens as Curtis Riemer of Artesian Angus Farms integrates precision ag technology into his operations.

Explore John Deere Mobile Apps

John Deere's Apps are designed to help you increase the performance and productivity of your equipment.