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Minimize downtime with Cervus John Deere Connected Support Tools

Gain further insight into your machine on the go through John Deere Connected Support tools. By fully integrating your equipment, technology and services with your local Cervus John Deere dealer it will help improve your equipment uptime and get the most time in the field. There are two areas where Connected Support can help support your operation 24/7.

Machine Monitoring
When a John Deere machine is connected, it provides the operator and local dealer to monitor alerts from the machine remotely. You can monitor fuel levels and ideal time from afar to ensure that the machine is running as efficiently as possible.

Dealer Connectivity
By allowing your machine to be connected to the local dealer, the service team can quickly access and monitor alerts coming in and can help diagnose a problem should one arise with the machine. Software updates can also be applied remotely to help reduce downtime. 

Turn on the six connected support tools

1.    Expert Alerts
2.    JDLink™ Alerts
3.    Machine Health Monitoring
4.    Remote Display Access
5.    Remote Programming 
6.    Service ADVISOR™ Remote 
Expert Alerts utilize JDLink™ machine connectivity and data analytics to predict machine failures before they happen. This can reduce diagnostic time and minimize downtime by dealing with the impending issue before it happens. 
To ensure that users are kept up to date on machine health and status and to improve machine uptime, the JDLink™ machine alerts send diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), geofence, and curfew notifications that are available in MyJohnDeere Operations Center. Alerts are colour coded by priority: Red, Yellow, Blue, or Gray.
Help deliver improved machine health through an advanced dual approach that sends data to John Deere's central Machine Health Monitoring Center. Sharing your machine data allows John Deere specialists to identify trends and develop new and improved preventative maintenance and repair protocols.
Users can view the operator's display screen on their machines for added support and troubleshooting. Setting up Remote Display Access through the GreenStar Gen 3 or 4 screens can assist the operator in navigating the steps needed to resolve an issue or ensure correct settings and machine operation.
Allow your dealer to initiate solutions without visiting the farm or field and charge you for a technician's travel time. Remote Diagnostics and Programming allows a dealer to perform software updates to the machine that save you downtime.
With your permission, your local dealership can remotely access your machine’s diagnostics systems with JDLink™ infrastructure to identify potential issues early and minimize machine downtime. Technicians can remotely identify any issues, diagnose the problem and bring out the right parts – all in a single visit.

Where are you in your connected support journey?

Connectivity is only part of the Connected Support Journey.  Using JDLink™ Connect and the data management tools, you can document data and ensure you are making the most informed agronomic decisions for your operation.

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