Proactive Service

We understand your equipment is your livelihood, and it needs to perform when you need it to. Brandt now offers three proactive services to match each piece of equipment on your farm:
  • Brandt Inspections – offer you an in-depth review of your equipment covering every system on your machine. It provides the best protection against in-season repairs that will cause downtime and lost productivity when your equipment must be ready to perform. When you are looking for the ultimate proactive protection, the Brandt Inspection is your best option.
  • Brandt Walkarounds – are a high-level review of the critical operating systems on your machine. It offers you insight on repairs needed that may cause downtime. Have our factory-trained technicians review your machine to get a clear understanding of the operation of its critical systems before it is put to work.
  • Brandt Jobs – give you the fix you need to prepare for next season proactively.

2022 Proactive Support Guide

Introducing Value Tiers

As equipment wears over time, operating costs can increase as additional repairs are required.  To help extend your equipment's lifespan and value, we have introduced three value tiers for Inspections, Walkarounds and Jobs.

PREMIUM: Equipment 0-7 years old (manufactured in 2015-2022)
ADVANTAGE: Equipment 8-15 years old (manufactured in 2007-2014)
CLASSIC: Equipment +15 years old (manufactured in 2006 or older)

+ Add Plus Services to Inspection

Plus Services include the labour to change engine, transmission, hydraulic systems oil, flters, air & fuel flters (and oil in gearcases and planetaries, adjust all belts for combines, self-propelled sprayers and self-propelled forage harvesters only). Parts and fluids are not included in the price of Plus Services.


  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change all hydraulic/hydrostatic/trans filters
  • Change engine gear case oil filter
  • Change primary countershaft gear case oil
  • Change feeder house reverser gear case oil
  • Change overshot beater gearcase oil
  • Change engine air filters
  • Change debris management air filter
  • Change fuel filters
  • Change cab filters
  • Clean or replace fuel tank breather
  • Clean or replace diesel exhaust fluid tank breather
  • Fill window washer fluid
  • Set all tire pressures
  • Adjust all chains and belts on combine & header


  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Change air filters
  • Change hydraulic oil & filters
  • Clean suction screen
  • Change transmission filter
  • Change steering filter
  • Change fuel filter
  • Change sediment bowl/ inline filter
  • Change cab filters
  • Change recirculating filter
  • Fill window washer
  • Lubricate fan sheave

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