Leasing with Cervus Rental & Leasing

Leasing allows you to easily acquire the latest equipment and technology while saving you money with lower up-front costs and generally lower monthly payments.


The benefits of leasing are realized in different ways but just a few of those benefits include:

  • Known monthly costs, predictable cash flow budgeting – an operating lease provides certainty because the lease is a fixed cost with the monthly cost spread over the term
  • Free up capital for other equipment or other investments – helps you hold on to cash reserves to grow your operation or acquire more equipment
  • Keep equipment up to date, modern and reliable – leasing makes it easy to acquire the latest equipment and technology with generally lower up-front costs and payments
  • Built in maintenance program, save time with no maintenance hassles – with this taken care of, you can focus on more productive activities
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • Lease payments may be tax deductible