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Insight Data Package Trial

Try Before You Buy

Book a FREE consultation with your Precision Ag Specialist to learn more about the new Insight Data Package.  Complete your consultation before March 15, 2021 and receive a free field trial using your farm's data.1

Insight Data Package

Insights to improve your operation.  The Insight Data Package provides you with up-to-date, in-season field data to determine your crop's growth pattern and which areas of your field are the most profitable.  This data can be used to make real-time decisions and changes to increase the profitability of your field.  

What's Included?

The Insight Data Package includes:

  • Yield Map Cleaning - Make confident decisions to increase profits with cleaned, usable yield map data to plan for next season
  • Satellite Imagery - Gain peace of mind knowing you are making the best decisions for your operation to maximize profits
  • Profit Analyzer - Increase your profits using visual data from your land to make informed decisions for your operation

Free Field Trial

Book a consultation with our team to learn more about the Insight Data Package and receive a FREE field trial using your farm's data input into the Satellite Imagery, Yield Map Cleaning and Profit Analyzer tools.1

Book Your Consultation

Contact our Precision Ag team to book your consultation and learn more about the Insight Data Package.

1 Terms and conditions apply.  Customer must complete a consultation with a Cervus John Deere Precision Ag Specialist to qualify for the free field analyzer trial.  To qualify, customers must agree to share their field data for ONE field with Cervus Equipment, provide cost tracking sheet to create accurate Profit Analyzer map, agree to have the data used anonymously in marketing and training materials, and agree to meet with their Precision Ag Specialist to review the results. Contact dealer for full detail.