We can make getting into the new or pre-owned truck(s) of your dreams easier than ever.  We will make you comfortable while you help us learn about your business so that together we can work out the best possible financing solution for you. Let's sit down together to discuss your options and create a flexible, competitive and convenient option that gives you peace of mind and the satisfaction of a sound decision.

Work with your local New Truck Sales Rep to determine the Peterbilt truck you would like to purchase.  You will also want to determine the purchase price of the truck.

Complete & submit our credit application to the Finance and Insurance Manager.  Your financial information is secure, and we adhere to strict privacy standards.

*The credit application will be sent to the Finance & Insurance Manager based on the store location you've chosen on the website. 

Print Credit Application

Contact our Finance and Insurance Manager to schedule an appointment and learn about finance and insurance options available to you. Most clients get conditional approvals during the initial interview.