Giltrap Pond Stirrers

It’s down to the ingenuity of the design team that can bring you a pond stirrer that’s hard to beat. The propeller is removable, quadruple-sealed and tangle proof. It’s built strong enough to effortlessly keep solids circulating, and is reliable enough to leave alone while you get on with other jobs.

Key Features

6m length, for medium-sized effluent ponds and an 8m long stirrer, a little extra reach, for larger effluent ponds.

  • Hot dipped galvanised
  • Tapered propeller shaft for simple propeller removal
  • Quadruple seals protect the submerged bearing
  •  Simple servicing of end bearings and seals
  • Greasable support bearing on the main shaft
  • Reduced weed tangle with a negative angle leading edge on the propeller