Giltrap Orchard

Spreading in vineyards, orchards and other horticultural places can be difficult. With tight row spacing and sometimes limited height canopies, it's important to select the right spreader for the job. With a single adjustable position axle and various rear attachments which can swapped on and off the bin, our Orchard Spreader is designed to be maneuverable and versatile.


  • Fingertip touch screen control for application rates and spinner or banding belt speeds
  • Full 3mm grade 304 stainless steel bin provides years of corrosion free use
  • Various optional banding attachments to suit your application
  • Low and narrow for great maneuverability
  • Adjustable height towing hitch
  • Adjustable position axle to change the turning characteristics for tight headlands
  • 850mm wide x 8mm thick vulcanised endless rubber belt with 5mm high chevron cleats moves fertiliser efficiently through the door.
  • Twin stainless spinner discs with independent electronic speed and rotation control, and boundary spreading control