We're with you every turn in the field

Experienced technicians on standby with TechLink™

Cervus Equipment brings you extended support with our TechLink™ service. Experienced technicians are standing by to answer questions about your equipment and their attachments. With knowledge and experience from the field, our techs are familiar with your environments and operations, and they're ready to assist you with your situation. Don’t waste time on hold or trouble shooting the problem yourself.

TechLink™ is currently on winters hours and is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Call TechLink™ toll-free:

In Alberta call 1-855-400-5465              In Saskatchewan call 1-855-880-5465

TechLink FAQs

  • TechLink™ is your one stop to find the answers for technical questions you have about your machines and their attachments purchased from Cervus Equipment.
  • Powerful resources. Experienced technicians from Cervus Equipment are available to answer your questions.
  • Western Canada expertise. The technicians answering your questions are located across Western Canada. You get local advice for the conditions that you experience.
  • Easy to access. Contact TechLink™ through your choice of toll free number or by email.
  • TechLink™ is a unique service offered by Cervus Equipment to provide faster answers to our customers.
  • Experienced technicians. The technicians on the other end of the line have a combined 125 years of experience. These technicians are also located in our stores. If they need to go to the yard and physically touch a piece of equipment to help answer your question, they have that option.
  • Variety of knowledge. Our team has vast experience supporting and maintaining John Deere and a number of other products and brands.
  • Based in the West. Using an innovative call and email system, our technicians are based across the prairies to best answer your questions.
  • Extra support. he technicians in our TechLink™ centre have the ability to access a number of other professionals with specialization in a variety of fields including AMS.
  • Easy access – toll free number or by email
  • Faster answers to your questions. Less time waiting on hold
  • Technicians are often located directly in a dealership, can get out and touch the equipment in the yard to understand your problem
  • A whole team of experienced technicians working together on your issue
  • For geographical diversity. From our experience in other locations, problems can often be recognized and solved before you are in the field or on site
  • At TechLink™, we are building a history of solutions to your questions to recall when needed
  • Sometimes people forget. For operational techniques and settings for seasonal use of equipment
  • To get the full use of your machine by knowing the right settings or calibration procedures.

Service Advisor™

With your permission, we can remotely access your machine's diagnostics to keep you running at peak performance. 

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