We're with you every turn in the field

Experienced technicians on standby with TechLink™

Cervus Equipment brings you extended support with our TechLink™ service. Experienced technicians are standing by to answer questions about your equipment and their attachments. With knowledge and experience from the field, our techs are familiar with your environments and operations, and they're ready to assist you with your situation. Don’t waste time on hold or trouble shooting the problem yourself.

TechLink™ is currently on spring hours and is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Call TechLink™ toll-free:

In Alberta call 1-855-400-5465              In Saskatchewan call 1-855-880-5465

Email TechLink™:

[email protected]

TechLink FAQs

  • TechLink™ provides one-on-one consultation and answers for your technical questions regarding machines and attachments purchased through Cervus Equipment John Deere.
  • TechLink™ Agents are experienced technicians with a combined 125 years of John Deere experience and are standing by to answer your questions.
  • Our TechLink™ Agents are located in local Cervus John Deere dealerships and can provide local advice for the conditions you experience.
  • Contact TechLink™ directly through your choice of toll-free phone number or email address.
  • Your equipment’s complete serial number is required for service or support. If you don’t receive an immediate response, leave a message to retain your spot in the queue and the next available agent will call you back.
  • A team of highly qualifed professionals with decades of experience in the industry.
  • TechLink™ Agents are required to have a number years of experience in the field. On average, each agent holds 25 years or more of shop experience.
  • TechLink™ Agents have experience with a wide cross-section of agriculture equipment and attachments.
  • Our innovative call and email network is based in the prairies and our TechLink™ Agents work directly in Cervus John Deere dealerships.
  • Our TechLink™ Agents have the ability to access a number of Cervus professionals to answer your questions.
  • TechLink™ is an exclusive value-added service for all Cervus Equipment John Deere customers.
  • Access is easy by calling your region’s toll-free number or sending a direct email and providing your complete serial number.
  • Get faster answers to your questions and resolve your issues quickly and accurately on the farm or in the feld.
  • Problems can often be recognized and solved without delay to keep your equipment up and running.
  • TechLink™ Agents are located in your local Cervus John Deere dealership and have direct access to parts and service technicians who can assist with your questions.
  • Get additional information about your equipment to help guide you in setting your equipment up with the right settings and/or calibration procedures.
  • Sometimes a refresher can save you downtime. Don’t hesitate to reach out should you need operational tips and techniques or settings for seasonal use of equipment

Service Advisor™

With your permission, we can remotely access your machine's diagnostics to keep you running at peak performance. 

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