Introducing the R-Series Compact Excavator

Dramatic Styling

R-Series Compact Excavators have a bold new look that stands out, but it only hints at the enhanced performance, productivity and comfort beneath the surface.

With 15% more glass surface area, including an improved top window and narrower side pillars, the R-Series offers improved visibility in a dramitc new look. 

    A better ride than ever before

    Experience a ride quality that’s smoother, more stable and more comfortable than ever before. Many features contribute to the ride improvement, including a dual-flange track roller system, a tighter connection between body panels and robust hinges and latches.

      Groundbreaking Performance

      The R-Series will increase your output and productivity without a doubt. With the new dual-flange rollers and integrated rear counterweight, lift-over-side performance is increased by 15%.

      Adjust your blade to the ideal position for your work with 33% more downward motion and a full 12 degree range to keep you stabilized.

        R-Series Models

        The R-Series Excavators are now available in an E32 and E35 model. These popular 3-ton compact excavators deliver powerful perfromance with a 6,968 dbf bucket break force and 24.8 hp engine with a sleek new design. Bobcat has incorporated customer feedback into the design of this new series, enhancing both performance and versatility. Bobcat will be introducing additional R-Series excavators at a later date.

        Everything you want and more

        These revolutionary excavators feature design, performance and comfort enhancements throughout. Even the smallest changes have been implemented to increase operator productivity.
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